Family Fun Days  “We must get together soon…”

Family Fun Days!

Family Fun Days You know what it's like. You say to family or friends, “We should get together more often”. But then, with everyone being so busy, you never quite get around to arranging anything.
Wouldn't it be great if there was a day out suitable for all ages, where everyone brings the children along, and both the kids and adults thoroughly enjoy themselves?
Well, we've already got it planned out for you..
Our Family Fun Days are designed with everyone in mind. Where else can you find something that keeps youngsters enthralled, and doesn't exclude grandparents either? Aunties and uncles, mums and dads, brothers and sisters, cousins and the children's friends. They'll all catch the shooting bug.
We plan it all out and we keep score too, so you can see how teams and individuals are doing.
Be warned though: some of your family members may become seriously hooked on archery!
All you need to do is get everyone to arrive at the same place.
So, it's time for our first event...

Laser Clay Shooting

Clay shooting with real shotguns can be bit much for a family day out, but Laser Clay is perfect.

The guns look real, but they’re not. The only thing they fire is harmless infrared light. When the airborn target is launched, several of you are shooting at the same time. The computer knows who’s scored, and keeps the tally. All you have to do is fire away.

There’s more than one way to shoot a clay, so you’ll be firing at targets launched from different angles, just like on a traditional clay shoot.

Now it’s time to shoot some clays…


Ever seen it and thought, “I’d like to have a go at that”?

Well, now it’s time. Whether you’re doing it alone, taking on someone else, or shooting as part of a team event, archery is a great challenge.

You’ll be using a modern compound bow, chosen specially to suit your height. It’s a very precise instrument. How accurate will you be? Don’t worry: you’ll get all the tuition you need.

Now it’s time to shoot some arrows…


This will get you all working together. You’ll be beavering away frantically to get the ball rolling and beat the other teams.

How does it work? Well, we put each team in an area three metres square. Then, we give you some bits of guttering, tape and garden canes. Oh, and a ball as well!

All you have to do is build a ball run. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it?

Ah, did we mention that whatever you build has to be able to support itself, without anyone holding it up? Oh, and when the ball starts rolling, it mustn’t be too fast or slow. You’re aiming for it to take 20 seconds from start to finish. The team who gets closest is the winner.

Reckon you can do it? Be our guest!

Now it’s time to use the grey matter…


We all take communication for granted these days. Everyone we know is at the end of a text message. So, how well can you manage without technology?

We’re going to split you into teams and give you some things you can use to signal to each other. You know: flags, flashing lights, that kind of thing. All you have to do is make up your own code.

Then, we’ll split you up again. The other half of your team will go to the other end of the activity area. We’ll give you a message, and you send it to them.

The team that manages to decipher their message first wins.

Did we mention? We need your help to find something…

Can You Stop BOB (The Device)

The device is hidden. Will you find it? Decipher the clues and you’ll track it down. But that’s just the start. When you open the case, it starts ticking…

Of course it’s not a real bomb. But somehow that doesn’t seem to make any difference. Things are still very tense!

So, what do you need to do? Well, there’s a five-digit combination to crack. Then, you need to remove four ‘fuel rods’…in the correct order.

If you haven’t set it off yet, then all you need to do is cut the right two wires…

There are clues and visual indications along the way. As long as you follow them closely and don’t panic, you’ll be fine.

Lose your cool, and the device might ‘explode’. But you’re not going to let that happen, are you?

Family Fun Days Now it’s time to work as a team……

Laser Tag

Ever played paintball? Hurts, doesn’t it? It’s not for everyone, and certainly not the kids.

That’s why we’re giving you lasers!

OK, so they’re not really lasers. Your phaser guns fire infrared, which makes them harmless. The only thing they can damage is your opponent’s chances of winning.

The phaser system is connected by a radio link. It knows how many ‘lives’ each shooter has, how much ‘ammunition’ they’ve got left, and who’s been zapped.

Get hit, and you won’t be able to fire back for an amount of time. You’d better keep moving, and try to score as many hits as possible. You’ll lose points when someone shoots you, so use the cover to your advantage.

Your gun is accurate up to 80 metres. May the best team win!

Family Fun Days Now it’s time for the grand finale…

What if it's Raining?

Don’t worry if the weather’s bad. The Laser Tag area has the protection of the woodland. The Laser Clay shoot can be done from under a sheltered shooting area, and all the other games can be staged under marquees. You could say we’ve got it covered. How many people do we need? About 12 to 16. We can arrange things to suit, but two teams of six to eight are ideal. We recommend at least two teams, as this keeps the groups smaller and more active during the event.

Time Table

Your timetable will begin upon your arrival and will go something like this:


10:30 Arrival and welcome 11:00 Let the games commence! 13:00 Lunch (bring a packed lunch or use the BBQ) 13:45 Games continue 15:30 Laser Tag finale 16:15 Games finish 16:30 Results and departure None of this is set in stone: we’ll work out the ideal day for you.

To get things moving, give Mark a call on 01527 575 141 or 07917175868 or You can email too: [email protected]