Activity are available for team building for between 70 to 90 players.

Our objective is to provide team building activities as enjoyable Team/Fun Events.

The activities are specially designed so as to ensure Team and Individual scores.    

Laser Clay Shooting A fully automated system (apart from the players & instructor) provides an authentic feel to this shooting activity without the danger.

The genuine de-activated shotguns, fire harmless Infrared light at the flying modified reusable clay, the gun immediately informs the scoreboard for all to see. Points are then automatically awarded to the players.

Various games are played testing the skills of the players. The clays are seen from different views e.g., Crossing, Down the Line and Overhead, all of which simulate a traditional clay shoot.

Roll a Ball – This is a real team building challenge in all senses. The team is given a selection of gutters, tape and garden canes. In a taped off 3 metre square they are to build an elevated ball run using all of the pieces supplied.

The ball must get from start to finish without assistance. All players must be out of the area when the ball is run. The ball must take more than 10 seconds but less than 20 seconds to complete the course. Nearest to 20 seconds takes the title.

Discussion, dexterity and logical thinking are all put to the test.

Semaphore and Stop Bob – In a life full of mobile phones and e-mail we tend to take communication for granted. This game takes the team back 100 years and relies heavily on team building and cooperation.

The teams are given a number of props with which they have to devise their own Morse code. Half of the team is then to go to the other end of the Activity area. The other half is then given a message that they have to “send” to their colleagues.

Once you have cracked the code ‘BoB’ is waiting for you, bob requires a set of cryptic or mathematical clues to be solved to take the players through to a successful de-activation.

Avoncroft is a museum of historic buildings spanning seven centuries, rescued from imminent destruction and carefully rebuilt timber by timber or brick by brick on a beautiful open-air site in the north of Worcestershire.

What better place to find out more whilst looking for clues and finding the treasure.

Rocket Launch In the time allowed, your mission is to build and fly your rocket. The closer your rocket gets to the target, the more points are awarded.
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