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Adventure Sports HQ Laser Tag for Mia & Tammy

Mia & Tammy joined us this weekend for Outdoor Woodland Laser Tag, Our 4 acre woodland site is perfect for our combat games, with natural flat pathways between the trees and Brambles.

Our All New Adventure Sports HQ Laser Tag kit came out for the 3rd time. The new kit features live scoring without the need for screens or computers and during play you can check on whats happening with on board stats. Voice recognition adds to the realism of the game. ‘Your on Fire’ denotes 6 Tags in a row, Cool phrases ‘Man down’ indicates you have taken a loss and need to respawn or ‘Target Down’ instantly tells you that you got the hit.

Team matches, Capture the Flag & Team Domination are now all available

Mia & Tammy's ASHQ Laser Tag Party

Mia & Tammy’s ASHQ Laser Tag Party

















Outdoor Woodland Laser Tag has been a firm favourite for almost 12 years now, may it continue.

Where else can you go locally to enjoy combat games with No Mess No Paint No Pain in the fresh air??

With natural hiding places, even in the winter months Our Laser Tag is just Fun ! Fun ! Fun !

And guess what the weather does not stop us either our woodland looks fantastic all year round the stingers and brambles are all under control with pathways through them

For enquiries of all our activities at Oaklands in Hanbury or at your chosen venue please call or email Mark
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