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Archery – The Perfect Activity for Legolas wannabes

Without a doubt archery is the perfect way to bring out the inner Elf! I have always wanted to be an elf, the ears are so cool. Plus I am a person blesed with less than great sporting ability; I always thought I was destined to watch others.

I remember quite clearly when I was in high school, if you lacked any kind of athletic ability there weren’t many extracurricular options beyond the science and chess club, oh and there were also LEGO, rock climbing, and cheese clubs; not forgetting the ‘People Who Think The Third Lord of the Rings Movie Wasn’t All That Bad’ club. Now don’t get me wrong there is absolutley nothing wrong with any of these but as an opening gambit with a potential girlfriend, describing how I peppered the bulls eye from the back of a galloping horse carried a lot more weight than a castle manouvre.

You can imagine my delight when I recently discovered the Archery Club. Without  doubt, after light-sabres and boomerangs, a bow and arrow is the universally recognized coolest weapon on the planet. Ever.legolas-in-the-hobbit

I couldn’t believe my luck. A club that’s all about bow and arrows….and I would be shooting them.

It’s the kind of club that could never be offered in high school. It’s scary enough to think of your year 9 DT class getting driver’s licenses, let alone being let loose with the same weapon as Legolas.

Everyone who showed up got to shoot three arrows. A kind of trial-run before committing the £20 membership fee. As I quickly learned that first day, the most difficult part about shooting an arrow isn’t… well… shooting the arrow. It’s putting the finger tab on.

The finger tab is a leather glove that protects your fingers. Or maybe it’s just a way to make your fingers look cool. You know, the Michael Jackson look of Middle Earth.

My instructor told us that putting it on was simplicity itself. Then proceeded to show us the Ten-Step Finger Tab Usage Procedure. “You slide it over your hand, tuck it under your thumb, wrap it around your finger, point your right foot towards the north and your left elbow towards the east, and alphabetically list every character from Lost. And then connect the velcro straps.”

Yeah. Simple.

I knew there would be a bit of a learning curve to overcome and I was prepared for it. I imagined that my first practice shot would probably smack somewhere at the edge of the target. But by the time I fired my third arrow I would have the ingrained muscle memory and shooting technique mastered and be ready to move onto shooting from a moving horse.

I was so far beyond just hitting the target dead-center. I would ricochet the arrow against the back wall, shave the wings off the fly that was buzzing around the ceiling, and then catch the arrow mid-air. With my teeth.

Reality check

My first shot completely missed the target.

So did my second shot.

And my third.


My arrows simply wouldn’t cooperate. I’d aim at the bulls-eye in the middle of the target, and my arrows would insist on hitting the target next to mine instead.

Obviously I have improved since then and now enjoy teaching Archery at our outdoor facility at Oaklands in Hanbury. Hundreds of wanabe Legolas’ and Katniss Everdeens’ have visited us and have a great time living out their fantasies. There is nothing cooler than hearing the ‘thunk’ of your deadly missile smacking into the forehead of an Orc, Mutt or even the bullseye.

If you would like to try Archery we are running a great competition for 6 people to come along and give it a go for FREE. Simply follow this link to ENTER OUR COMPETITION

I hope you enjoyed this article, it was a bit of light relief (for me and you). Please feel free to check out the site and we hope to see you soon.

Mark Treverton

Mark Teverton