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Autumn Leaf Laser Tag for Logan

What a great day for Autumn Leaf Laser Tag for Logan, the video shows the fantastic colour of the leaves and surroundings as well as a group playing Laser Tag, so why do the autumn leaves change colour?

Autumn Leaf Laser Tag for Logan

Autumn Leaf Laser Tag for Logan

Autumn leaf colour is a phenomenon that affects the normally green leaves of many deciduous trees and shrubs by which they take on, during a few weeks in the autumn season, various shades of red, yellow, purple, black, orange, pink, magenta, blue and brown. Since deciduous plants lose their leaves to conserve water or to better survive winter weather conditions, they must regrow new foliage during the next suitable growing season; this uses resources which evergreens do not need to expend. The chlorophyll breaks down, the green colour disappears, and the yellow to orange colours become visible and give the leaves part of their fall splendour. At the same time other chemical changes may occur, which form additional colours through the development of red anthocyanin pigments.

Why not enjoy our woods and see the autumn leaves in all their glory whilst play a fantastic game of laser tag, birthday parties or maybe a works christmas party what better way?

ASHQ Laser Tag with Shooting4Fun is our latest acquisition to our portfolio of equipment and is proving to be an excellent choice, as a company we have had Laser Tag combat with us for 17 years of our 25 years of shooting entertainment.

Where else can you go locally to enjoy combat games with No Mess No Paint No Pain in the fresh air?? 

With natural hiding places, even in the winter months Our Laser Tag is just Fun ! Fun ! Fun ! 

And guess what the weather does not stop us either our woodland looks fantastic all year round the stingers and brambles are all under control with pathways through them

For enquiries of all our activities at Oaklands in Hanbury or at your chosen venue please call or email Mark



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