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Clay Pigeon Shooting in Bromsgrove

Clay Shoot Hogarths Stone Manor















The sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting involves using a shotgun to shoot at and break a
circular flying target made form a fragile material.
Clay Shooting still retains many phrases from its historical “Live Bird Shooting” past
when real birds, such as pigeons, where released from a trap positioned in front of a
shooter (records date back to 1800’s).

This practice developed into shooting Glass Balls filled with powder or feathers in an attempt to equalise the standard of targets and
make the competition uniform. The glass balls were eventually replaced by disks made from clay that allowed a truer flying target and longer, flatter trajectories closer to an actual bird flying.

Clay Pigeon Shooting has evolved into a sport enjoyed by a wide range of ages (often from ten years and upwards) at all levels from novice to Olympic competition.

Safety is a priority with a firm set of safety rules being applied by all those involved.

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