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Clay Shooting in Central London


Ccorporate events organisers now have the option of staging a clay pigeon shoot, the licence under Section 11(6) of the Firearms Act and with specific police approval, in the grounds of a prestigious site, Clay Shooting in Central London, just a stone’s throw from the Thames.


It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. Midlands-based sports shooting experts Marksman Leisure have teamed up with the Royal Hospital Chelsea and secured the approval of the Metropolitan Police in order to make this possible.


“No longer do you have to travel out of town to host a clay shoot”, says Mark Treverton, managing director of Marksman Leisure. “Now you can invite your clients to an exclusive shoot right here in central London, where you can also wine and dine them at the Royal Hospital”.


A designated firearms safety officer with decades of experience, Treverton holds the only such licence to be issued in London. “The Section 11 licence allows both experienced shooters and novices to use shotguns on site under supervision – just as with any other clay shoot”, he explains.


There is however, a slight difference in both the ammunition and the way the clays are deployed. “We will be using special subsonic cartridges”, Mark explains. “The reason is to limit the range and reduce some of the noise. With subsonic ammunition, you hear a bang but not the crack of the shot breaking the sound barrier.


“The other difference is that we’ll be deploying the clays on a lower and slightly slower trajectory than most shooters are used to. It’s a bit different and adds an additional challenge for experienced clay shooters”.


As well as these practices, the organisers have had to comply with other criteria in order to gain police approval. “One thing the police were concerned about is that no member of the public is able to see the muzzle of a gun being fired”, says Mark Treverton. “For this reason, the shooting takes place from within a wooded area within the hospital grounds.


Aside from the chance to stage a clay shoot in an area that would otherwise make it impossible, the other aspect of this opportunity is the exclusivity of the venue, known for its red-uniformed Chelsea Pensioners and for its hosting of the world famous Chelsea Flower Show.


Corporate clients who book a shoot will be able to entertain their clients in the dining rooms of the Royal Hospital, meet some of the famous Chelsea Pensioners and have a tour of the historic building. “You simply can’t get this anywhere else”, says Mark. “We have the opportunity to stage a limited number of events every year. We’ve already had interest, so marketing managers and directors need to act fast”.


For more information, contact Marksman Leisure:

Tel 01527 575141

Email:[email protected]


Clay Shooting in Central London

Clay Shooting in Central London

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