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Clay Shooting Lessons

A bright well-mannered young man came with his mother for a clay shooting experience and as a result had a great time shooting more targets than normally expected. After discussion with his parents and seeing that Harry had a flare and ability to shoot instinctively it was decided that a series of Clay Shooting Lessons were appropriate.

Harry’s parents have always said that if their children show an interest in an activity then they should have the ability to take it further.

Harry’s Clay Shooting lessons were booked and play began.

On lesson 2, I asked Harry how he was approaching the targets, he found that difficult to describe so with pointers from me he just simply did it and after each type of target given an analysis was given from me so that he would understand why and how he was breaking those clays. The advantage of this method was for Harry to understand why and how the shot is received by the target. When a new target was presented the principle of how became clearer.

Harry was a pleasure to teach he grasped the ability well and understands that guns are to be treated with respect and within the sport of clay shooting can be a lot of fun – Well Done Harry.

What next, as a youngster he can possess a shotgun under normal shotgun licensing law if a responsible person aged 21+ is with him when he shoots. Our intention is to encourage Harry to shoot with others of similar ability in small group sessions to bring his experience of the sport further on and in a more competitive way with others learning and enjoying the sport.

Clay Shooting Development We suggest fortnightly sessions of 75 clays (max) over a period of 6 lessons.

For a block booking of 6 lessons on a strict one to one basis we charge £85 per session for up to 75 clays.

The lessons will build your gun handling and safety, muscle strength and memory and lesson by lesson we will increase the difficulty of the target and introduce the ability to apply lead to targets.

To book your lessons please contact 

Mark at Marksman Leisure – Shooting4Fun

01527 575141

[email protected] or [email protected] or

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