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Well we’re we seem to be at the end of the wettest period I can remember for some time. Spring is in the air, the snowdrops are budding but if you go down to the woods today you’d better go in camouflage. Don’t blame us if you get shot as you wander through the beautiful Oaklands setting, our kids have no respect for people who wander into the middle of the laser tag wars. The forecast is ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Laser Tag!

dominics laser party

Laser Tag Children’s Parties

Fun packed children’s parties with a difference …

“The Combat game with a Difference” for age groups 7 to 107, this Laser Tag activity provides fun for all ages. All sessions are booked in advance so as to give you exclusive gaming. 10 Players up to a maximum of 20 Players per session. Refreshments are available. Parents & Guardians are welcome to view or just chill out at our Oakland’s centre. Woodland Laser-Tag sessions are for 90 minutes during this time the group will play at least three games. After the gaming why not bring your own picnic and use the centre for a further 30 minutes.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is still one of the most popular outdoor corporate activities in the Midlands. Our professional instructors will ensure all guests are soon “Breaking Clays” and enjoying their activity day.

We use top quality Lanber shotguns and light recoil cartridges.

Suitable for ages 14+

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Marksman Leisure offer fully automated (apart from the instructor) outdoor laser clay pigeon shooting systems, providing an authentic feel to this shooting activity but without the associated dangers of conventional clay pigeon shooting.

The genuine deactivated over and under shotguns fire harmless infra red lasers at reusable clays. A digital scoreboard records Hits and Misses for all to see. Marksman Leisure can simulate skeet or conventional clay shooting layouts.

A grassed area of 50 metres x 25 metres preferably north facing is all that is required.

5 &10 gun systems are available

Suitable for ages 10+

Indoor Laser Target Shooting

5 & 10 Shotgun Indoor Target Shooting

Random programmable static shotgun targets are used indoors on themed backdrops such as; ‘Moons & Planets’, ‘Wild West’, ‘Country Birds’, ‘Mission Impossible’ or even your own specific logo’s or theme.

Indoor target shooting requires a floor area of 5 metres x 3 metres and a working height of 2.0 metres.

Indoor target shooting is a must for indoor activities such as a team building exercise or just for fun.

Suitable for ages 10+

Crystal Target Shooting

Crystal Target Shooting is an indoor multi-target reaction game which can be played using our Crystal Laser Tag Guns Crystal Target Shooting consists of a number of small target modules that are mounted on a backdrop of your choice. These are then fired at using the laser guns provided. The backdrop can be themed or simply black.

Head-to-Head or 3-v-3 Individual scoring or Team scoring.

Suitable for ages 7+


Archery is one of Britain’s oldest target sports, a discipline that we demonstrated in the famous battle of Agincourt in 1415. British archers outnumbered by 10 – 1, shot 80,000 arrows per minute into the air giving the French nowhere to run. Fortunately today, we can enjoy archery in a more leisurely manner. Archery can be used as a team building skill or as an individual challenge. Using modern Compound Bows this activity is always popular at all types of events recommended for age groups 10+

Lasershot – Projection Target Shooting

‘Dove shoot’, ‘Speed Trap’, ‘Pheasant Flush’, ‘Bullseye Blast’ or ‘Wild West’…

Marksman Leisure offer a system that projects images on to a silver screen as a target for you to aim your lasers at and fire. With use of a Laser Rifle or Laser Pistol for shooting, this indoor laser game is a simple activity for everyone as part of your activity day. The game is suitable for both single or paired player’s.

Suitable for ages 10+

Lasershot games

Whatever you want to do we can arrange it.

Come and have some fun!


Mark Teverton


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