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Laser Clay Shooting with Walker Adams Off Road Karting

Forget regular karting, this takes driving to a whole new level.

Off-Road Karting, Side By Side Racing and Buggy Racing are similar activities that all use small, capable off road vehicles racing on technical tracks. Walker-Adams is the only track in the country where you can race multiple 931cc WA Rebel buggies on a purpose built gravel rally stage, enabling you to experience the thrills of off road racing.

The off road Rebel Rally Experience has individuals competing to achieve the six fastest laps. Each driver has three races in which to achieve this. Racing begins with a staggered start after which you can chase down and overtake other drivers. Lap times are measured by computer controlled timing equipment allowing you to track your position throughout the event. Medals are given to 1st, 2nd & 3rd, lap printouts are distributed to all drivers.

Races can have up to 6 x 930 cc WA Rebel buggies on the track at one time. This gives a great off road karting race experience whilst keeping it safe.

The Standard Rally event suits all of our groups and individual customers. For more drive time you can upgrade to the Enthusiast Rally event (second two races double the time) or the Extended Enthusiast Rally event (all three races double the time and a larger track). Overall event length is dependent upon group size and format. However, for groups under 12 drivers the event time usually approximates 1 hr 30 minutes. For groups over 12 drivers the event time is approx. 2 hrs.

Boost your event

Walker-Adams has combined forces with Marksman Leisure – Shooting4Fun to offer a unique multi-activity packages.

For a truly unforgettable experience, spend part of your day tackling the challenging Walker-Adams off-road course followed by a second event of  laser clay shooting (Subject to Availability).
Packages can be upgraded to include mid event catering and refreshments (Price on request)

For enquiries on all of our shooting activities please call or email Mark



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