Laser Tag Pro Generation 4

Laser Tag Pro Generation 4 (offline) well after 2 years the New Generation 4 Taggers have arrived, they look and sound better than the previous set and hopefully will up stage the previous version. An added feature of this new kit are the wireless headsets, and in outdoor mode are very much brighter, With the new kit team vests are an option but not totally necessary as the taggers are lit during play showing the team colour. Laser Tag Pro Generation 4 taggers can operate in two types of gaming mode, On Line or Off Line, the video shows us playing Off Line where Taggers can see and feel the hits and the game result is determined by the number of deaths received. When working On Line (to come soon) the game is controlled by PC and Wireless communication. The software is called EDGE and comes ready with some of videos games most popular game types. King of the Hill, Domination, Infection, Capture the Flag, and more!


Enjoy the Video and Sound – Mark


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