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Outdoor Woodland Laser Tag Party at Oaklands

Adam joined us this weekend for his Outdoor Woodland Laser Tag Party at Oaklands, our outdoor activity centre in Hanbury. B60 4HS.

Adam thought he was going to be playing with our Crystallite Laser Tag Guns but to his surprise we let them loose with our NEW Laser Tag Pro Generation 4 Guns, the newer guns require greater accuracy to get tags but once you have the hang of it then away you go.

Each Players starts the game with 15 lives, each tag has a 25% hit point value so to lose a complete life 4 hits need to be achieved, to make it fair we allow each player to have a 5 second recovery period before another shot is registered and when a full life has been lost the player gets an 8 second recovery time

Thanks again to Helen for organising the party and we look forward to seeing you all again soon

Outdoor Woodland Laser Tag Party at Oaklands

Outdoor Woodland Laser Tag Party at Oaklands
















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