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Planning your Office Christmas Party. 


Indoor Shooting Entertainment at your chosen Venue


5 or 10 Gun Laser Target Shooting 

A fully automated system (apart from the players & instructor) provides an authentic feel to this shooting activity without the associated dangers of conventional shooting. Up to 5 players at a time can shoot and all score, the scoreboard shows the scores for all to see. Random Lit Targets light up for a few seconds all can score or fastest finger

Lasershot & Lasersniper

The Indoor Gallery using video projection technology, the player shoots at either clays or speed shooting at knock down targets, each game has a duration of approximately 2 minutes, the more you play the more you keep coming back


Crystal Target Shooting

A fast and furious game for 1 to 6 players shoot the spinning Red or Green Targets before they go out – Great Game

For Availability and Pricing Please contact Mark 01527575141 or email [email protected]


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