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Planning your Office Christmas Party. 

Outdoor Shooting Entertainment at our Oaklands Venue in Hanbury Worcestershire 

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Laser Clay Shooting

Archery Shooting

Air Rifle Shooting

Woodland Laser Tag

Clay Pigeon Shooting


Clay shooting is still one of the most popular shooting activities.  Our instructor/s will ensure all guests are soon “Breaking Clays”.  We use top quality ‘under and over’ 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotguns.


Laser Clay Shooting

A fully automated system (apart from the players & instructor) provides an authentic feel to this shooting activity without the associated dangers of conventional shooting. Up to 5 players at a time can shoot and all score, the scoreboard shows the scores for all to see. The genuine de-activated shotguns, fire harm less Infrared light at modified reusable flying clays. Various games are played testing the skills of the players. The clays are seen from different views e.g., Crossing, Down the Line and Overhead, all of which simulate a traditional clay shoot.

Target Rifle 

Target shooting with Air Rifles is part of one of the largest participant sports in the country. It is open to all, irrespective of age, gender or ability and has a proven track record of improving an individual’s concentration and motivation.



Archery is one of Britain’s oldest target sports, a discipline that we demonstrated in the famous battle of Agincourt in 1415. British archers out numbered by 10 – 1, shot 80,000 arrows per minute into the air giving the French nowhere to run. Fortunately today, we can enjoy archery in a more leisurely manner. Using modern Compound bows for your individual height and strength this activity is always popular at all types of events.


 Woodland Laser Tag

The Outdoor Laser Combat Game with a difference. No Paint – No Pain – No Mess

All you need is a Gun, some team mates and a woodland area to play in. From the briefing your first practice game is played using a simple game scenario – 50 lives, 900 shots and no friendly fire, Easy. Subsequent games then require more planning and team engagement, subsequent games get tougher with less lives and the chance of being eliminated from the game. Planning and strategy is a must for this great exciting combat game oh and I forgot to mention Firing Range of up to 80 Metres and our guns even talk to you. – Great Fun!!!!!


For Availability and Pricing Please contact Mark 01527575141 or email [email protected]

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