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Top 5 Rifle Scope Reviews

When it comes to rifle scopes it is always advisable to read the a few rifle scope reviews of those who have already tried them before setting out to shop. Rifle scopes can be somewhat expensive and it’s best to know what you are getting before you go out and make the purchase. Even though they are all similar in nature, each scope has its own set of features and every hunter has their own set of goals. There are a lot of questions that must be answered in order to find the rifle scope that works best for your specifications. Obviously you want one which is ultimately going to help you hit your target easily. But are you on a budget or is there no expense too great? Do you want a basic scope, or a more advanced one to use with your rifle? Are you looking for a rifle scope that is very simple to use, or are you looking for one that is far more complicated? These are all questions that can only be answered by the shooter.

Choosing a scope can be a time consuming task since there are so many different scopes on the market today. Here we have listed the Top 5 Rifle Scopes and reviewed them so that you can perhaps narrow down your choices to a reasonable amount. Reviews are intended to educate the reader about the most popular scopes and their specific features. Here are our top 5 rifle scope reviews.

Leupold VX-6 3-18×50

rifle scope reviews - Leupold VX-6 3-18x50

This scope will cost you about $1600 and it is not a beginner’s scope. This scope is not bulky like some that provide wide ranges of magnification. The eyepiece and tube are very well balanced so that it looks great and is easy to use. The finger adjustments are very precise and positive and the custom turret as well as the standard elevation control work perfectly. The controls on the Leupold VX-6 are a bit large which makes them easy to turn. It also comes equipped with a motion detector which will shut the unit off after there has been a period of inactivity. But as soon as the rifle is picked back up and leveled at a target the illumination is restored. It’s been given an overall rating of 4 stars by users in our  rifle scope reviews and is really one of the greatest optics available today.

Burris C4 4.5-14×42

rifle scope reviews - Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS

This scope is not much different than some of the other Burris models except that it has an additional shooter friendly feature. The makers added a custom elevation dial which adds to its tactical ability. The scope can be calibrated to a specific bullet and caliber so that long range precision is greatly improved. Testers found the calibration feature on the Burris C4 to be very accurate and it was dead on at a range of 300 yards; but only slightly off at a range of 500 yards. Trialists for our  rifle scope reviews also found that the scope worked well in low light settings and it mounts nicely on a 30mm tube. The only down side to this rifle scope was that the focus control was situated on the objective bell and the elevation turret didn’t have a zero stop. Reviewers ranked this scope with an average 3.5 stars. At a price around $400 this is a great deal.

Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS

rifel scope reviews - Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS

The XRS does just what its name says it will do: extreme range scope. It’s a large scope with oversized tactical turrets, a 34mm aluminum tube and staggering 30x magnification. This scope is going to run you a little over $2100 but you do get what you pay for. The objective gathers in over 50% more light than the typically 40mm scope designed for hunting. It has a huge magnification range that spans from 4.5 to 30x. It’s designed to be used in mid to long range situations. Trialists for our  rifle scope reviews give the Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS a 3.5 star rating and an A minus on durability and performance. It features a first plane reticle and is a specialized scope with lots of features. It’s perfect for those looking for a more complex hunting scope.

Meopta Meopro RD

rifle scope reviews - Meopta Meopro RD

The Meopro is in a nice mid price range at about $800. Testers for our  rifle scope reviews gave the Meopro RD an A on durability, design and image and a B on optical and mechanical quality. One of the largest positives about the Meopro is the great illumination. The windage and elevation turrets are very precise and simple to use. Just a simple click of the finger helps ensure accuracy. One thing panelists liked about the turrets is the audible click which helped with making appropriated adjustments. The main tube is 30mm of high grade aluminum which is non-reflective, durable and scratch resistant. The scope contains a specially designed fast-focus eyepiece which helps you to bring the target quickly into focus.

Zeiss Conquest HD5

rifle scope reviews - Zeiss Conquest HD5

The Zeiss offers a very clear and crisp image that has the perfect contrast which is one thing that Zeiss scopes are known for. One thing that reviewers liked about the Conquest is that it was super lightweight and compact. Magnification is high even in settings with lower light which makes it a great scope for making a critical shot in any light. Simple adjustments help fine tune to zero and then the lockable turret helps maintain that zero so that you can shoot with confidence. The manufacturers designed this scope with a lockable turret which allows users to very quickly pull the turret up, make adjustments as needed and then drop it back into a locked position. Testers on our  rifle scope reviews thought that this feature is very useful especially when you are out in the field since it totally eliminates the possibility that the turret could be bumped out of place. Lenses are made of scratch resistant materials and the scope has a special coating which helps protect it from moisture and other damages. Consumers have rated the Zeiss with a 4.8 star rating and it is fastly becoming a hunter’s favorite.

I hope that this comprehensive set of Rifle Scope Reviews for our top 5 Rifle Scopes helps you when it comes to choosing the best rifle scope for your gun and shooting style.


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