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Shooting 4 Fun 4 All Occasions

Shooting 4 Fun 4 All Occasions

The madness begins, Saturday morning loading the vehicle and we are off to our outdoor centre in Hanbury, Worcestershire.

Today a busy day, 2 laser-tag parties and 3 real clay pigeon shooting bookings

It’s Connor’s 12th birthday, laser-tag party blue v red lots of “good shooting” lots of “you’ve been hit” it’s a red win.

The big shoot is next 3 young men all from the Black Country, scores were ‘bostin’

Darren and his son Alex came to see us at oaklands for a bit of clay shooting it celebrates Darren’s 50th birthday, Many happy returns of the day Darren, Well done Alex 20 to 15 .

We welcome Nick and his family and friends for a battle in our woodland here at Oaklands, lots of “good shooting” and ever more “you’ve been hit” great game lots of smiling face both young and a little older.

Then we seen Richard and his guests for a stag clay shoot a very close match in the clay shooting, Good luck on your wedding day…

Sunday and yet another Mad day A Fathers Day clay shoot for 15 players at Brockencote Hall, pack up and get back to Oaklands for a Fathers day clay shoot for 4 players

At Shooting 4 Fun 4 All Occasions we have something for everyone

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