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Woodland Laser Tag in a Pheasant Pen

Offsite today to a private Woodland Laser Tag Party in the village of Little Alne in Warwickshire. The party was for Thomas and his friends and family.

What better gaming area than the Pheasant Pen, yes pheasant Pens become very useful after the birds have gone.

The gaming was good and the Alpha team (Reds) were 2 up with 1 to play so a deal had to be made. Here is the deal Bravo team (Blues) win the final game and I will award double points so you can draw or lose, Alpha team you can draw or win.

Just so you understand the players (apart from a few naughty adults) were 6 & 7 yr olds

Well with a little help from mercenary sources the Bravo team won the last game, so the overall result was a draw Phew!!

Please enjoy the video, for the family it’s a memory, for anyone else watching find a pheasant pen or private woodland (with permissions) and a bunch of friends aged 6 to 106 and let battle commence

Happy Birthday Thomas hope you had a great day – Mark & Tina

Our ASHQ taggers can be set up to simulate most weapons, ours are set to give both the best long range (120 metres) and short range (15 metres) firing options. 3 tags to a loss then 1 loss or kill is registered to the receiving tagger and 1 player eliminated is credited to the offender. 1500 rounds at the start of each game, muzzle flash corresponding to the tagger colour, voice recognition of Hits & Losses, auto re spawns or back to base, unlimited lives or 5 lives and to finish full debrief at the end of each game who you tagged and who tagged you. Other options available soon. King of the Hill, Team Death match & Capture the Flag

ASHQ Laser Tag with Shooting4Fun is our latest acquisition to our portfolio of equipment and is proving to be an excellent choice, as a company we have had Laser Tag combat with us for 17 years of our 25 years of shooting entertainment.

No Mess No Paint No Pain and in the fresh air??

Ask us about our Clay Pigeon Experiences both Real & Laser versions or maybe our Archery & Rifle shooting Experience and not forgetting our Outdoor Woodland Laser Tag Sessions and for company and corporate days we are fully portable and can bring the toys to you.

For enquiries of all our activities at Oaklands in Hanbury or at your chosen venue please call or email Mark



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