Yes we do Indoor Laser-Tag

Yes we do Indoor Laser-Tag based on approx. 30 to 40 players we recommend our No Mans Land Gaming.

Our equipment is state of the art and players are not required to wear cumbersome body or head parts the guns or phasers are programmable so we can adapt to the environment used. To make your event work and bearing in mind the group size we would need to set this up as Team v Team and recommend a minimum of 4 teams.

Our Indoor Laser-Tag shooting would be constructed on what we term as a No Man’s Land gaming. The teams competing for tags across the no man’s land zone (see attached pdf document which is Not to Scale) the black area is the No-man’s land which we will fill up with obstacles Yellow & Black barricades to increase the difficulty of tagging opponents.

Indoor Laser Tag 2














We will need an idea of the size of the area that we could accommodate and the type of flooring (wooden or carpeted). Warehouse, Sports Hall, Large Village Hall

Regarding timings we would suggest up to 8/9 players per team for team on team 10 minute sessions which means we could play 12 full games in 3 hours so allowing for a break in the middle, this means that all teams will play 3 games each.

We require access at least 1 hour before the start and 1 hour at the end for set up and breakdown easy vehicle access to the said venue and secure parking.

If you wish to discuss your requirements then please give us a call on 01527-575141

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