Shooting4Fun is brought to you by, professional suppliers of the very best in shooting games and laser activities in the West Midlands since 1993. My name is Mark Treverton and I am proud of the service we provide to our many customers. The boxes below highlight some of our main shooting games:

Laser Clay Shooting

Why not bring the family or your workmates for a laser clay competition

Learn to shoot in safety

Enjoy the thrill of Clay Shooting. Laser Clay shooting is the next best thing to real clay pigeon shooting but without the recoil (kick back) and no use of shotgun cartridges. Laser clays can be played on a grassed area as small as 30 metres x 25 metres. Read More

Rifle Target Shooting

Have you ever wanted to be a sniper? It's Call of Duty made real.

Shoot using High Powered Scopes

Target shooting with Rifles one of the largest participant sports in the country. It is open to all, irrespective of, gender or ability and has a proven track record of improving an individual’s concentration and motivation but above all is Great Fun. Read More

Team Building Programme

Why not bring the family or your workmates for a team building day.

Learn NOT to shoot colleagues

Cerebral and shooting challenges make our Team Building Days unique, fun and different from the rest. Semaphore, Stop Bob, Roll-a-Ball and more….Why not call us [01527 575 141] to discuss and design your own Team Building Day. Read More

Real Clay Shooting

Why not bring the family or your workmates for a laser clay competition

Learn to shoot with loud guns that kick the shit out of your shoulder!

Clay Shooting is still one of the most popular shooting activities. We use top quality under and over 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotguns with low noise cartridges. Click here to view. Read More

Archery Shooting

Archery is one of Britain’s oldest target sports, a discipline that we love.

Learn to shoot like Robin whatshisface!

Archery can be used as a team building skill or as an individual challenge. We use modern Compound bows for your individual height and strength. Our instructors are some of the best in the UK. Read More

Laser Tag Shooting

Why not bring the kids or your workmates for a laser tag competition

Run around the woods shooting the snot out of friends and family!

If you go down to the woods today….grab a gun, some team mates and a woodland area to play in. We have the lot in abundance and Great Fun is guaranteed!!!!! Look out for our new guns they are state of the art! Read More

Indoor Shooting Games and Outdoor Shooting Games. Book an event now, or call to find out more. Speak to Mark on 01527 575 141 or email mark[@] Listed in the Worcester Directory.


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