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Woodland Laser Tag in Hanbury

Joseph and his friends were with us this weekend for Woodland Laser Tag in Hanbury our Worcestershire based activity centre. 

Joseph's Woodland Laser Tag

Joseph’s Woodland Laser Tag
















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Our parties are exclusive, we do not mix groups together. We encourage all age groups to play from 6 years upwards

If you play outdoor laser tag in our woods today…you’d better use the cover to your advantage, because your friends and even relatives are out to zap you! And don’t try to deny it when you’ve been hit, because our crystallite guns know all. It’s on your side too though, because it keeps track of all the hits you score. Where paintball can be painful, our outdoor laser tag phasers are pure fun. No balls flying around, no mess and certainly no nasty red marks on you afterwards. You play as teams, picking each other off and amassing Hit & Loss points.

However you play, once laser tag starts, you’ll be in the thick of the action and fully alert, ready to hunt your friends and relatives down before they do the same to you… As with all Combat games running is a No Go and you need to be stealth like and tactical to Win your game We’ve enough equipment to stage an event from 10 up to a maximum of 24 players. 

Our sessions are for 1.5 Hours and cost £195-00 (this covers up to 10 players) Additional players (up to a maximum of 20) will be charged for at £12 pp and payable in cash on the day If you could let us know your expected numbers that would be great – Thank you. (Remember adults can play this game with the kids to)

So where do we play?

Our Laser Tag games are played at Oakland’s Outdoor Pursuit Centre, Ditchford Bank Road, Hanbury. Worcestershire B60 4HS this venue has a completely natural flat woodland area that is ideally suited for combat type games

After the gaming if you wish to bring a Picnic or have catering provided (ask us for further details) you can then use the venue for a further 30 minutes. Please Note we have 2 areas to use for your picnic the lodge or covered barn both are equipped with tables and chairs. We have toilets and fresh running water but No electricity although lighting if needed can be generated

All sessions are booked in advance so as to give you exclusive gaming.

This is an outdoor activity so what happens if it rains? We carry on, the invitations that we send to you, advises players to wear clothing as per the weather forecast.

On confirmation of a booking the organiser will receive our invoice. Your invoice can be paid by BACS or Credit Card and is due within 15 days of the party.

The organiser will also receive the Invitation ready to either print or email to guests. Details will include Location, Timetable, Dress code and an explanation of what happens.

Where else can you go locally to enjoy combat games with No Mess No Paint No Pain in the fresh air?? 

With natural hiding places, even in the winter months Our Laser Tag is just Fun ! Fun ! Fun ! 

And guess what the weather does not stop us either our woodland looks fantastic all year round the stingers and brambles are all under control with pathways through them

For enquiries of all our activities at Oaklands in Hanbury or at your chosen venue please call or email Mark



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