Trees & Brambles & artificial hiding places on our 2.5 acres playing Field or Map

Tactical Outdoor Laser Tag is best described as paintball without the Mess and Bruises!

Using state of the art equipment laser tag is also used by the military in training scenarios. This means better accuracy and greater range compared with paintball. There is no need to buy paintballs and you get unlimited ammo.

Laser tag is the paintball of the future. Laser Tag is fast becoming an extremely popular event for birthday parties and it is not just for children - grown-ups can play too, and it is great for Stag, Hen, and Birthday Parties and Corporate events!

Laser Tag can be enjoyed by everyone whether you are 6 to 106!

There is plenty of fun to be had. Children and Adults can play together.

Tactical laser tag is a more mission based or strategical game. It provides more of a combat style experience usually played outside with props and artificial hiding place or like us in woodland.

The guns for tactical laser tag are usually a little bit heavier and more realistic than indoor laser tag. There are actual games that are played in tactical laser tag ranging in intensity and strategy level. Some hobbyist games are so intense they use communication equipment, ammo cans, mines and medics making it feel like you are in a live action combat video game. You will find a more serious player playing tactical laser tag. Some say it is paintballing without the bruises. Tactical laser tag games usually see more habitual players addicted to thinking through tough strategy and claiming victory. It is a lot of fun and great for the whole family especially for those looking for a deeper level of competition and Great Birthday or other types of celebration.

Truth is all laser tag is fun and it just depends on your preference. S4F’s Tactical Laser Tag has a great tactical course, or we can bring the Laser Tag to you.

Woodland Laser Tag is a fantastic way to let your Hair down get some fresh air in addition its good for your Mental Wellbeing & reduces Stress

Trees & Brambles provide natural cover and for your added benefit several artificial

hiding places to use 2.5 acres playing Field or Map

Top Quality Taggers Top Quality Instruction Safe & Fun

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13 Jan 2021